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About us, in a letter from Ron Muntz, President
When you're a rancher, simple is always the best road to travel. The amount of time, not to mention energy, getting in and out of your truck to open and close your gates could well be spent doing hundreds of things much more important and crucial to your business.

At Ranch Services, here in Arroyo Grande, we like to think we have not only saved you many dollars by not allowing your cattle to stray or someone trespassing on your property to do damage, but also that we have saved you dollars by simply giving you back the time it took you - all year - to openand close your gates.

After a number of years of study and experiment, I've come up with an idea that I believe would interest you and probably your neighbors as well. If you've ever heard·of or seen our RAMROD BUMP GATE, the only vehicle actuated self-opening and closing gate on the market, you've talked to a happy Rancher. He knows how much time he has saved since he bought the gate, and he probably never realized how much time and effort it took him just to do this one task all those years.

Why not let our representative come out and show you, by video, just how important this piece of equipment could be to you? It doesn't cost a dime to take a look, and in the long run, it could save you dollars you didn't even know you were wasting.

We're as close as your telephone and will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience. Please contact us at (775) 233-2390. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Yours truly,
Ron Muntz, President
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