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A Reliable Gate

After years of design development, here at last is a convenient and affordable, fully automatic gate that opens and closes itself in either direction. RAMROD BUMP GATE uses no electrical or solar components, which allows the installation of RAMROD in remote and difficult to reach areas. You can rely on RAMROD to help keep your property and livestock secure. RAMROD is designed for convenience, efficiency, safety and reliability.

Trust Your Gate

The use of cattleguards has proven marginal for livestock security. Cattle and horses are notorious for picking and jumping their way across cattleguards, often resulting in costly injuries and the loss of valuable livestock. The casual intruder finds no deterrent with a cattleguard. And many livestock escape through open gates. But now there is an effective alternative. The use of RAMROD BUMP GATES can bring peace of mind to the rancher and farmer by keeping your livestock in, intruders out and the gate securely closed.
Proven Performance

The RAMROD BUMP GATE is a revolutionary gate system designed to save you valuable time, energy and frustration. RAMROD is a vehicle actuated gate and is easily operated by gently bumping a uniquely designed bumper bar which releases and opens the gate automatically. The gate will remain open for passage approximately 15 seconds, allowing standard trucks, autos and stock equipment to pass. A delay unit is available to extend this time for narrow roadways and longer loads. The gate automatically returns to its center of balance, closing the gate securely each time.

Features and Benefits

RAMROD BUMP GATES can be operated by all types of vehicles; trucks, compacts, family wagons, imports, stock equipment and even trucks with trailers!

    • Convenient-No need to leave your vehicle.
    • 7-rail gate frame for increased livestock security.
    • Horseman's handle for easy opening on horseback.
    • Modified gate frame for uneven ground.
    • Specially designed safety guards.
    • Easy adjustable speed control.
    • Delay unit available for narrow roadways and longerloads.
    • Virtually maintenance-free.
    • Simple installation procedure, no welding required.
    • Affordable-uses no costly electrical or solarcomponents.
    • Constructed heavy duty; built to last-satisfaction guaranteed.
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